About Us

Here's the thing about fashion -- it means something special and different to each of us. For me, there's no better finishing touch to an outfit than the perfect handbag. It's the one accessory that fits everyone, and you're always at the perfect weight for it!
I design exciting handbags that sing. They make spotlights land on you as you walk into a room. They make the women around you gasp, and say, "I love your bag! Where did you find it?" And since I only make two or four of any particular design (and by hand!), they're always unique.
My designs are bold and fun. One look, and you'll know right away that the way I mix patterns and fabrics is fresh. At the same time, I love to find inspiration in the fashion icons. The seventies were a particularly fabulous time in my mind, and I take a cue or two from the women who stand out to me as fashion front runners of the decade -- Pam Greer, Diana Ross, and my own lovely mother. From my time studying fashion and design at both the Art Institute of Houston and Houston Community College, I've learned how to choose what's timeless from the past, breathe new life into the look, and bring it to you.
Have fun shopping! And get ready for the spotlight!

"Step out of the box and into something different" - Kisa

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