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I post a lot of clutches on social media and I use to think no one really reads these post until I meet Ms. Geneva. While sitting at my girls place waiting on my models to be done with make-up, a lovely woman walks in the room and says to me, "I know you, you make those beautiful handbags that I see on Facebook all the time"! I almost fell off the couch as I walked over to her she grabs me and hugs me and whispers in my ear, " I wear Oil-of Olay too just like your mom", and I know she is very proud of you". I could not believe what she said because I posted The Rosetta Bag (named after my mom) about 4 months ago! At that moment I knew all the time I spend on social media had paid off. Those words from a complete stranger will forever be in my heart! Thank you Ms. Geneva for helping me decide the name of this bag!




"Step out of the box and into something different" - Kisa

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